Tips for Baby Boomers Entering the Real Estate Market

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Many soon-to-be retirees are about to enter a new world of both home selling and buying.

Many soon-to-be retirees own a home, have paid off their mortgage and haven’t been in the real estate market for 20-30 years or more. A lot has changed, however, and the tricks of the trade that worked in the ’80s could backfire if applied today. Though technology and the flow of information have dramatically altered the process of buying and selling homes, at the heart it’s still an enormous undertaking, no matter your age or generation. Here are some tips for baby boomers and others who find themselves entering the real estate market for the first time in a while.


You can and should begin the process independently

Baby BoomersBuyers and sellers can start the education process on their own today, in the comfort of their living room recliner. Many of today’s buyers and sellers leverage the Internet and mobile apps to begin the research phase. While you may still prefer a good old-fashioned live person, it’s helpful to understand that it’s common for initial search and discovery to begin independently. Aside from listings and photos of nearby homes for sale, you can uncover real estate advice, statistics and forecasts that will help inform your home search or sale.  Finding a real estate agent can also happen using the Internet today.



A good local real estate agent still adds a lot of value

baby-boomer-housing-needsIt’s easy to think that spending a few hours poring through data is all that’s needed to get in the game today, but a good local agent can still make a huge difference on a real estate purchase or sale. The data and information found online is meaningless without some context behind it. For example, you may see a home that recently sold for a lot less than one you are interested in making an offer on. A strong local agent would know that there was an issue with open permits or violations, that it wasn’t a true arm’s length transaction or some other factor that made it less valuable and, in fact, not a comparable sale. A good agent will have the inside track on off-market listings or knowledge about the final sale price of a home that is pending. Good agents earn their keep not by having access to the listings, but by having years of experience and local market knowledge under their belt. Ask for a list of qualified agents from us at North Orange County Escrow Corporation, as we work with some of the top agents in the county.


The actual transaction and paperwork can happen without meeting in-person

When it comes time to make offers and negotiate a contract, buyers today can do so without ever having to meet with their agent in person. No more standing over the hood of a real estate agent’s car signing an offer to purchase and then having to meet up later that night to sign a counteroffer or wait for a fax the next day. Today mobile applications and technology allow buyers, sellers and agents to collaborate, review documents, sign contracts and complete the paperwork portion of the transaction without ever having to meet in person. Your time is important and your agent, along with your friends at North Orange County Escrow Corporation makes the selling and buying process much easier.


Few people pay any attention to real estate processes and technology outside a personal transaction. Knowing what to expect before you get started can help make re-entering the market a lot easier. Even though a lot has changed, some of the basic reasons for buying and selling have not. Real estate will always be a highly personal and emotional, not to mention financial. Ask your Escrow Expert at North Orange County Escrow Corporation for more helpful tips and tricks in this age of real estate.