The Story of North Orange County Escrow

It began with a vision to be the best.

Most things that stand the test of time begin with a vision, and North Orange County Escrow is no different. Joan Choice, a respected veteran of the California escrow community, set out to establish an organization that would break the stereotypes and stigmas associated with the escrow industry. She began in 1986, with a commitment to answer the need for a high quality, community based escrow services.

Expectations surpassed.

That early vision has surpassed even Joan’s high expectations and standards as North OC Escrow has grown throughout the years. More than simply providing great service, North Orange County Escrow’s professional team has also blossomed into a valued community resource, taking a proactive role in fighting for fair and adequate state and national escrow legislation.

NOCE’s commitment to that fight took a dramatic turn for the better in mid-1997 when Joan was elected President of the American Escrow Association. This achievement has remained a source of pride and motivation for the company and the community it so proudly serves.

Excellence in Escrow

As an independent, local escrow organization, NOCE doesn’t depend on the confusing business policies of a headquarters thousands of miles away. Orange County is our backyard, too. For NOCE, “Excellence in Escrow” means service that is responsive to the local market, our home and business buyers, and the unique professionals who live and work in Orange County.