Welcome to North Orange County Escrow, a division of Chicago Title

North Orange County Escrow is where it all comes together. As escrow professionals, we have an important responsibility to our clients. We oversee the various parts of your real estate transaction accurately, swiftly and completely. In some cases, the success or failure of your deal depends on our work. That’s a duty we take very seriously. As a professional, you choose to align yourself with a team who shares your vision, commitment your dedication to your clients. We are that team.

Our reputation and experience make a world of difference.

North Orange County Escrow HandshakeA Trusted name, a Valued resource 

For 33 years, the North Orange County Escrow team has worked hard to build a solid working relationship with top real estate professionals. We play an integral role in dramatically and consistently raising the industry’s standards. You expect the people you work with to be there when you need them. You don’t have the time to give such an important responsibility to just anyone. You demand more. We deliver more. It’s that simple.

Licensed through The Department of Insurance of the State of California, License Number 350.

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